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Your corporate website always updated

The corporate website is an active element of any business and as such should be dynamic, it is important to keep alive its design, functionality and content. If you want to have a useful website for your business is vital to have it updated.

Web maintenance service will you allow to have updated the website of your business in four fundamental aspects:

  • Content.
  • Functionality.
  • Design.
  • Technology.

Some actions that your website needs frequently are:

In terms of content:

• Update text, images and videos.
• Modify, add or delete content.
• Modify, add or delete links to the Web itself or to other Websites.
• Modify, add, or delete files of different formats (PDF, Doc, Zip).
• Inserting content with limited time (Offers, banners).

In terms of technology:

• Improvement of code (HTML, PHP, JavaScript) for updated versions.
• Upgrading technology Web site.
• Backing Up of website and its databases.
• Management domain and hosting service.
• Management e-mail accounts associated with domain.

In terms of functionality:

• Modifying Contact query forms.
• Modify, add or delete new sections.
• Add landing pages promotions.
• Add advertising campaigns to promote your business.

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Maintenance Packs

  • Maintenance Pack 1 hour / 35£.
  • Maintenance Pack 5 hours / 125£.
  • Maintenance Pack 10 hours / 200£.
  • Tell us your needs, we have the solution that fits your website.

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