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Effective Web

The quickest and most efficient corporate Website

Your website should reflect your business values, clear information on services and products you offer, stand out added value over your competitors, detail your projects, show your facilities and make easier contact with you.

Your business on Internet with Effective Web

This is a organised and structured product developed with suitable technology to create quickly and professionally the online image of your business.

The product

4 pages website:
Home (Home)
About us (Company, team)
Products, Services (What we do)
Contact (Where we are)
5th free page as you like.
Standard contact form.
Standard slider implementation.
Links to other platforms as facebook...
Developed in one language.
Check conditions to add more languages.
HTML5 & CSS3 as used technology.

How will we do it?

1. We offer you Effective Web structures that suit your business.
2. You may choose one and pay first 50% of the budget.
3. We define with you the layout of pages content of your Effective Web.
4. We develop your site in a week.
5. We review with you the final product and adjust details.
7. After Effective Web is made, you will pay last 50% of the budget.
8. We publish your site on your hosting.

What do we need?

Once defined the structure of your Effective Web, you must provide to us the content for the website:
Your corporate identity elements like:
Fonts (typefaces)
If you need content or no know how prepare it, we can help, consult us.

Why Effective Web?

  • It contains what your corporate website needs.
  • You will have your website in record time.
  • It is an inexpensive but good quality website.
  • It allows to you start your online presence being practical.
  • You can grow on good bases.

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