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Inteleking was founded in Barcelona, Spain in 2006 and exists to provide a range of online development and support services to SMEs and independent professionals.

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Inteleking Internet Consulting is the Web development division of the company. We have been based in Bristol in the United Kingdom since 2013, where the overall management of our services takes place. We also have a development team made up web programming professionals working from Colombia and a team of designers and Online Marketing experts working from Spain.

We always work with your specific needs in mind.

Our Philosophy

We work with passion, because Web development allows us to do what we love, we are motivated by the challenge posed by the changing rate of the Internet, We use development techniques and technology of most recent time because we know that on the Internet to be updated always brings more advantages than disadvantages in many respects.


We focus on delivering tailored solutions. Internet offers plenty of tools to improve business and reduce costs, every business should use the useful tools that help these achieve its aims. At Inteleking our strategy begins with a detailed analysis of each project in order to achieve the optimal solution.


The wide range of options offered by Internet to any business is profitable with full knowledge of the online medium. At Inteleking for our daily work we study the online medium to maintain our status as Internet specialists. For each member of our team, the Internet, the Web, its work, is its passion.